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This event has now ended

GM foods have been hitting headlines again recently. Debate has become argument and positions have become entrenched leaving people without clear balanced information about the issues, and few places to have constructive discussions.

Wheat Field [E-X-P-L-O-R-E-D]

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I’m a Scientist, GM Food allows you to put questions to a range of experts and hear from all angles on an issue that may be central to the future of how we feed ourselves.

You need to register to ask a question or leave a comment. You can register via Facebook or by completing the registration form if you prefer.

We’ll take questions from June 18th and start publishing them on Monday June 25th. The final day for questions will be Friday 6th July.

GM Food Zone Report

We've been wanting to expand the I’m a Scientist format and allow the general public to participate, and the hysteria generated over the Rothamsted GM Wheat trials in May 2012 presented us with the opportunity to run a GM Food Zone.

You can view the report here.

Zone News

House Rules

We have a set of house rules that we all need to abide by. In short those rules are:

    1. Don’t be offensive – no personal insults (play the ball, not the person), or language likely to offend or disadvantage people – this includes racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism.
    2. Please try to keep on topic. ‘On topic’ can be quite broad – this is an issue with many facets – but if we let it be extended infinitely we’d all be here forever. All sorts of questions from how GM works to the economics of grain production in sub-saharan Africa may be relevant. ‘Why is the sky blue?’ is not.
    3. Questions and comments are moderated before being posted. We will moderate according to this set of house rules. We will not censor views and opinion, as long as it’s polite and reasonable.
    4. If you ask a question which has already been asked, there’s no point the experts answering it again, so we’ll just add your name to the earlier question, and send you a link to the answers.
    5. We want this to be a balanced discussion but in the end it is our site and as the publishers, we are legally liable for what we publish. We’re the ones who get sued if it’s libellous, so we have the final say on whether something gets published.