Welcome to the GM Food Zone

This is a message for the students from the main I’m a Scientist event who are invited to take part in this extra zone.

As well as the normal I’m a Scientist for schools, for the next fortnight we’re running a special event on genetically modified (GM) foods. This event is for everyone, not just school students. It’s for discussing and finding out about GM – there’s no voting, no evictions and no live chats.

GM is another of those things (like climate change), which people are arguing about, and decisions will be made that effect lots of people, but especially young people who will be stuck with the consequences in the future. Sorry about that.

We think you should have the chance find out more and decide what you think about GM. We would like you to take part in the GM Food Zone.

Just visit https://gmfood.imascientist.org.uk, using your normal I’m a Scientist log in, and you can read all about GM, ask questions and comment on discussions.

We’re expecting some challenging questions from you…

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