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We’ve had two weeks of  questions and discussion on GM Food. We’re not accepting any more new questions, but the comments will remain open for another two weeks at least.  Please do add to the discussions.

We started this Zone to provide a place for constructive dialogue about the important and contentious issue of GM Food. I think we have succeeded. I want to thank the experts for the time and energy they have spent in answering the 31 questions we published and in contributing in such detail to the discussions in comments.

I also want to thank everyone who has contributed with questions and in the comments. We expected the moderation of the project to be difficult, but we were very wrong. There was a very small handful of comments that were off-topic or attacking the person but it was a very small proportion.

We want to assess how useful this zone has been and we’ll be launching a feedback survey next week.  It will be a short survey so please do take 5 minutes to fill it in. You’ll get an email. In the meantime we’d also welcome you thoughts as comments on this news post.

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